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Assessment of methods for stunning poultry

This study for DG SANCO investigated the scale of use of multiple bird waterbath stunners in the EU poultry industry. The report set out the structure of the EU poultry slaughter sector, including employment in the handling of live birds. Different commercial systems for stunning poultry were described and the incidence of their use reported in both slaughterhouse and number of bird terms (split by species). National legislation in place covering slaughter methods was described, as were alternatives to current commercial systems which are under development. A cost model was constructed to investigate the differences in purchase and running costs between the main systems in commercial use. This was also used to make a comparison to the costs of production in the main Third Countries producing poultry (Brazil, Argentina, USA and Thailand). Finally, a policy baseline was established against which to compare the use of stunning systems under the policy status quo (which included measures due for implementation in 2019), voluntary and mandatory banning of multiple bird waterbath stunning systems in line with EFSA's 2004 recommendation.

Final report