Publications / Review of Axis 5 (epidemiological surveillance) of the French Plan Ecophyto 2018

Review of Axis 5 (epidemiological surveillance) of the French Plan Ecophyto 2018

This study was undertaken for the French government (Ministry of Agriculture on behalf of the National Office for Water Resources and Aquatic Environment – ONEMA) by a specialist team of plant health policy experts in which Agra CEAS participated. The mid-term review of the French Plan Ecophyto 2018 aimed to: (a) assess the implementation of the plan and identify lessons learned; and, (b) propose options for the improvement of the implementation of the plan. The Plan Ecophyto 2018, introduced in 2008, aims to reduce the use of pesticides by 50% over a ten year period. The Plan implements Community legislation on pesticides (Regulation(CE) n°1107/2009 and Directive 2009/128/CE) and a range of actions are foreseen, with Axis 5 of the Plan aiming to establish an epidemiological surveillance network to which all relevant government and regional authorities participate by offering training and specialist advice, and which is financed by stakeholders. The review of the Plan/Axis 5 involved a range of in-depth case studies in specific product sectors and regions of France, a large survey of pesticide users (farmers and farm advisors) and direct interviews carried out by the review team across the entire country involving both those that participate in the Plan and those that do not yet participate.

The report can be accessed here.