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Revision of EU plant health regime
This evaluation of the Community Plant Health Regime (CPHR) was launched by DG SANCO with the support of the Council. The evaluation had two objectives: (a) to analyse the results of the CPHR to date, as compared to the acknowledged objectives that were set out by the Community when it was introduced; and, (b) to clarify which aspects of the current regime need to be improved and to suggest potential options for improvement. The analysis covered the EU-27 and was based on data drawn from a general survey of Competent Authorities and relevant stakeholders, supplemented by in-depth interviews with a wide range of stakeholders and experts at EU and international level, field visits in 12 Member States and the review of five Third Country plant health policies. A purpose built cost model was developed (on the basis of the EC Standard Cost Model) with data collected via a specific cost survey covering the EU-27.

The findings of this evaluation will form the basis of a new plant health strategy which will “better address the need for prevention and early action against the entry into the EU of non-European quarantine organisms”. The new plant health law is to be published by the Commission in 2012.

Meanwhile, a conference gathering stakeholders, Member States, 3rd Countries and the public took place on September 28, 2010 with EU Health Commissioner John Dalli opening proceedings.

For further information on the conference and the review of the Common Plant Health Regime see:

2454 executive summary.pdf
2454 final report.pdf
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