Publications / Evaluation of the Community acquis on the marketing of seed and plant propagating material (S

Evaluation of the Community acquis on the marketing of seed and plant propagating material (S&PM)
European seed legislation is made up of 12 basic Directives, many of which date back to the sixties and seventies.  As the balance of priorities has changed over the years, with food safety, traceability, new technologies and environmental aspects becoming more prominent, plus the expansion of the EU to 27 Member States, newer legal instruments are considered more appropriate to regulate the marketing of S&PM to the benefit of both users and suppliers.  The Commission has therefore decided to review the legislation (the acquis) on the marketing of seeds and plant propagating material, as part of its better regulation initiative.  The first step of this review process consists of an evaluation of the current acquis.  The evaluation is carried out by the FCEC consortium (of which Agra CEAS is a member).  It aims to provide documented answers on the strengths and weaknesses of the current system for achieving the set objectives, or highlight the need to set new objectives in order to respond to new and anticipated challenges.  An equally important aim is to explore the possibilities for simplification and a reduction of administrative burdens on both public authorities and private sector stakeholders.  On the basis of the recommendations of the final report, the Commission will draft an action plan, laying out a programme for putting into practice any suggested reforms.  As part of the FCEC, Agra CEAS’s contribution to this study included the review of the consistency of the 12 basic Directives and the definitions used therein, and a case study on the definition of seed marketing.

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