Publications / Assessment of Agenda 2000 in the agricultural sector

Assessment of Agenda 2000 in the agricultural sector
This study interpreted and set out the details of the Agenda 2000 agreement, as they affected the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), and examined the implementation of Agenda 2000 in selected market regimes of the EU-15 (arable crops, beef and veal, milk and dairy products and wine).  The analysis also extended to the so-called second pillar of the CAP, rural development and agri-environment where the impact of ‘horizontal measures’ including cross-compliance and modulation, was assessed.  The research also set out the latest progress towards the CAP mid-term reviews which subsequently took place in 2003 and provided an analysis of the impact of potential further change for key sectors.  The impact of Agenda 2000 was further assessed using Agra CEAS Consulting’s Common Agricultural Policy Analysis (CAPA) model, an econometric land allocation model which forecasts the impact of policy scenarios on the EU-15 arable sector in terms of areas under various crops, farm income and use of inputs. A policy on and a policy off scenario were compared to establish the impact of Agenda 2000.

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