Publications / Mid-term evaluation of the Welsh Rural Development Programme 2000-06

Mid-term evaluation of the Welsh Rural Development Programme 2000-06
This project for the Welsh European Funding Office provided a comprehensive mid-term evaluation of the Welsh Rural Development Plan. Four distinct areas were evaluated: forestry, agri-environment, enterprise and training and less favoured areas. Additionally, a “cross-cutting” component assessed the RDP as a whole in order to investigate and assess coherence and synergy within the programme. The work was based on surveys of the Organic Farming Scheme, Tir Gofal, Farm Improvement Grant, Farm Enterprise Grant, Woodland Grant Scheme/Farm Woodland Premium Scheme and Tir Mynydd and interviews with beneficiaries of the Processing and Marketing Grant and the Processing and Marketing Small Grant. The cross-cutting component was carried out using a case study approach in six different areas of Wales which also included the use of focus groups. Secondary data were analysed and a series of interviews with scheme managers and interested organisations provided further evidence. Recommendations for adjustment to the RDP at the mid-term stage were made.

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