Activities / Methodologies


Agra CEAS offers an individual tailored approach to every client.  This means we use a unique set of appropriate methodologies under each contract.  However, these generally include a combination of some of the following:

  • Collection of primary data through interviews and extensive surveys involving key participants in a sector (e.g., consumers, retailers, wholesalers, importers, trade associations, government officials);
  • Desk research and analysis of statistics;
  • Due diligence market analysis;
  • Collection and examination of data at both macro and micro levels;
  • Econometric modelling of policy impact (e.g., national and EU level agricultural policies such as the in-feed growth promoters research for DG Agriculture, and the construction of our own econometric model for the EU arable sector (Common Agricultural Policy Analysis – CAPA model);
  • Use of farmer surveys to collect both qualitative opinions/views and quantitative data.  All types of survey undertaken including personal, telephone, internet/electronic and postal;
  • Use of case studies;
  • Use of logical framework approach for project implementation and evaluation.