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What COOL route is the EU taking?

Country of Origin Labelling (COOL) for food products has recently once more become a highly debated issue in the European Union as a result of the so-called ‘horsemeat’ scandal which erupted in early 2013 and continues to reverberate throughout the EU and beyond. The potential outcomes of the current consultations on COOL are likely to affect the food chain both within the EU and internationally and this raises a number of significant questions for both business operators and regulators in this sector.

The new EU rules under development are likely to have a tremendous impact across many sectors of the agriculture, food and drinks supply chain and will create winners and losers both within the EU and internationally. A critical success factor to become a ‘winner’ is to plan ahead. This requires industry groups/companies and other stakeholders to (a) understand the specific issues, (b) quantify the relative impacts, (c) develop industry/company positions and action plans, and (d) develop a plan for future opportunities or threats.

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