Publications / Cost benefit analysis of the Public Health Executive Agency (PHEA)

Cost benefit analysis of the Public Health Executive Agency (PHEA)
This cost-benefit analysis for DG SANCO examined the options for the Public Health Executive Agency (PHEA) following the scheduled end of its remit on 31 December, 2010.  The options included a continuation of the present remit, an extension of the present remit to include responsibilities for consumer policy and training on better food safety and a winding up of the Agency.  The contract involved detailed discussions with various units within DG SANCO and the PHEA.  An assessment of financial and economic costs was presented for each option studied.  Net Present Values were calculated and on this basis a recommendation was made.

Following this report the European Commission took a decision to prolong the mandate of the Agency until 2015, entrust it with implementation of new EU Health Programme and give it responsibilities in the field of consumer protection and food safety.  The Agency was renamed the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers (EAHC) to reflect its new remit.

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