About Agra CEAS / Staff

Key staff members are as follows:

Dr Edward Oliver
Managing Director. Main areas of expertise: agricultural policy, economics and market analysis
Edward has a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics and Business Management from Imperial College London and an M.Sc. in Farm and Rural Business Management from the University of Aberdeen, in addition to numerous other agricultural, economics and business qualifications (PG Dip., BSc and HND). Edward specialises in identifying investment opportunities and assessing the economic and business impact of changes in policy and markets for multinational corporations and institutional clients. He works extensively on research, analysis and due diligence projects for clients in all areas of the livestock (dairy and meat), arable (cereals, oilseeds and proteins) and biofuel supply chains. Currently, he is working with one of the UK’s largest asset managers providing advice and due diligence on agricultural investment opportunities throughout the world. Edward has a long track record working with a number of Universities providing distance learning education at MBA and MSc level on a range of economics, business management and agricultural programmes.

Dr Dylan Bradley
Director. Main areas of expertise: European rural development and agricultural policy evaluation, animal welfare economics.
Dylan has a PhD in Agricultural Economics from London University and joined Agra CEAS Consulting in 1997. Dylan has carried out numerous evaluations of agri-environment, rural development and agricultural policy at the regional, national and European level for clients including Natural England, the Countryside Council for Wales, the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the Welsh Assembly Government and the European Commission. In addition to this work, Dylan has carried out a number of research projects concerning the economics of animal welfare for clients including the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, EuroGroup for Animals and the European Commission. A range of other projects have also been undertaken and a full list is available on request.  Dylan was a Special Advisor to the House of Lords inquiry into price volatility and creating resilience in agriculture.

Dr Maria Christodoulou
Director. Main areas of expertise: European agri-food policy analysis and evaluation, animal health policies and economics, international trade issues
After graduating in Economics from the University of Athens, Maria completed a Masters and a Doctorate in Agricultural Economics at the University of Reading, and a training period within the European Commission's DG Agriculture.  Since joining Agra CEAS Brussels in 1992, Maria has worked on an extensive range of economic, policy and business impact studies in the agricultural sector and has, over the years, built up specific expertise on the European agri-food marketing chain, food safety and international trade issues.  Examples of her work include the assessment of the impact of EU enlargement, the analysis of EU trade agreements and WTO negotiations, successive CAP reforms, and the completion of the Single Market.  Maria has extensive experience of managing studies and projects for the European Commission and other international bodies, which in recent years have included policy assessement for DG SANCO such as the Evaluation of the Community Animal Health Policy, and the cost-benefit analysis of investing into the prevention and control of animal diseases for the World Animal Health Organisation (OIE).  Maria is fluent in English, French and Greek.